Online Banking & Bill Pay

Online Banking from your home computer or laptop is like having a branch that's open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Activate your online account today and start banking at your convenience.

Account Access

Online banking lets you manage all of your accounts from a single, easy-to-use page

    • View up-to-the-minute current & available balances
    • Transfer money among your accounts on demand or on a schedule
    • View up-to-the-minute transaction histories
    • Export transaction histories to spreadsheets or popular home accounting software
    • View front & back images of all checks written on your account
    • View online statements instead of having them mailed

Email Notifications

You can set email alert notifications to be sent to you automatically to alert you of account activities.

    • Alerts for when balances are greater than or less than the parameter you set
    • When transactions clear your account
    • When loan payments are due or past due
    • Account maturity dates
    • Other custom personal reminders you create

Self Service Features

Online banking also provides a wide range of additional features to help you manage your accounts from the comfort of your home.

    • Manage your user name, password & other security features
    • Online forms for common account requests
    • Free basic TurboTax to file your taxes online
    • Create & track your investment portfolio real-time
    • Full online Help

Online Bill Pay

You can make standard payments for all of your bills through online banking for free, no matter how many bills you pay!

    • Create your individual payees list, including those you wish to receive E-bills from
    • Set your payment amounts, which accounts you want to use, & schedule your payment dates
    • Edit or cancel any pending payments before they go out
    • Manage your payments by grouping bill types, creating custom reports, & importing reports into popular home accounting software
    • You’ll receive an email confirmation when each bill payment is made
    • Some billers allow you to make “expedited payments” or send overnight checks for a fee in order to avoid late charges

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